Saturday, November 21, 2015

Beautiful Landscaping: Planning is the Key (part 2 of 2)

Create a Landscape Design

So you goal has been set. The next thing you must do is to create the landscape design you want for your yard. This process can be way too easy if you have landscaping software. Nevertheless, you can use a piece of paper and colored pencils to begin sketching and designing your landscape. Here’s how:

• Create a simple, scaled drawing of the site. Sketch its utilities, walks, and driveways and note where paved surfaces are. Then, point out the areas where flower beds, patios, vegetable garden and play areas will be situated.

• By drawing arrows, indicate sun angles as well as prevailing winds for winter and summer. Make sure to circle the place in your yard that need wind protection or shade.

• Highlight areas where landscaping height or width is restricted. Also, emphasize the place where drainage is poor and the areas with standing water. Note also the trees and shrubs already existing in your yard.

While sketching your landscape design, consider the needs and habits of your family. Make a design that best satisfies not just their needs but their hearts’ desire. Discuss with your family the things they want to incorporate and prioritize the most important aspects.

Survey available Materials

Once you’ve come up with a fascinating design, what you need to do next is to review the materials needed and find out how much the whole project will cost. List down the price of all the materials you need to complete the project. These include benches, plants, rocks, the bricks and many more. Also, include in your computation the labor cost. When you already know how much you need to spend for your home landscaping, you can now decide when to push through with the project.

Those are the basic steps involved in every landscaping planning. So if you want a home that’s beautiful in and out, give it a good interior design matched with an attractive landscape. And in every landscaping project bear in mind that proper planning is the key.

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